"I'm not even finished with this yet and I felt the strong need to 5 star it and write a short review because it's JUST THAT AWESOME OF A READ!!!"

Diamonds Never Die (Raja Williams Mystery Thriller Series Book 4)

Diamonds Never Die (Raja Williams Mystery Thriller Series Book 4)

What do an underground Zionist cell, a Harlem drug dealer and the Russian mob have in common? Diamonds.

After an innocent Jewish woman is brutally stabbed in Central Park, Raja and Vinny head to New York to find out why. The case takes Raja undercover into the Harlem drug scene, and puts Vinny into a Russian strip club in Brighton Beach. Stirring the pot as only Raja and Vinny can do lands them both in danger and into the crosshairs of an international assassin known only as the Spider.

Raja's intuitive skills and Vinny's computer wizardry are tested, as they race to solve the girl's murder before more bodies, including their own, end up dead.

Neither the dark, tragic anti-hero nor the James Bond super-hero type, Raja Williams is a wealthy Oxford-educated PI of mixed Caribbean descent who possesses a strong empathic power and a sixth sense for evil that gives him headaches and steers him straight into trouble. His partner Vinny Moore is a gorgeous hipster geek who prefers hacking computers to haute couture.

Fun dialogue, strong characters and a roller-coaster plot make Diamonds Never Die a must read mystery thriller that works as a stand-alone novel or part of the Raja Williams series.

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