"Absolutely loved it! Great mystery that takes you to the end of the book to figure out."

Vendetta in Venice (Raja Williams Mystery Thriller Series Book 6)

Vendetta in Venice (Raja Williams Mystery Thriller Series Book 6)

Justice Must Be Served

When veteran police inspector Francesco Morelli is called to an historic Catholic Church in the middle of the night, he finds a priest has been brutally murdered in front of the altar. The killer, who was shot in the act of committing the crime, lies on the operating room table hanging on by a thread. Riots threaten the city, and the inspector's own superiors and the Catholic Church demand what appears an open and shut case to be closed quickly. However, the cold blooded killer turns out to be a young man with no criminal history and no memory of the foul deed. An attempt on the young man's life forces the inspector to make a career-threatening decision--to hide the killer until he can figure out what's going on.

Murder is never simple.

Raja and Vinny are called to the beautiful city of Venice, Italy to help. What started as a single murder leads them to an international counterfeiting ring, a mysterious hacker known as Darkman, and centuries-old Vatican secrets thought long since buried. Follow Raja and Vinny as they race against the clock to unravel the mystery before the sinister plot reaches its deadly conclusion.

Like all the Raja Williams mystery thrillers, Vendetta in Venice has great characters, plenty of action, gripping suspense and lots of fun. It can be read as a stand-alone novel or part of the series.

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