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Death Down Under (Raja Williams Mystery Thriller Series Book 7)

Death Down Under (Raja Williams Mystery Thriller Series Book 7)

When the innocent die, someone has to pay.

Death Down Under is another rollicking adventure with the colorful characters and dialogue, the unexpected twists and turns, and the gripping suspense and thrills that Raja fans have come to expect. The seventh book in the Raja Williams mystery thriller series, it can also be read stand alone.

When Australia's most deadly snake bites a young biologist doing fieldwork in Queensland, Raja and Vinny fly to Mount Isa to investigate her death. A terrible accident turns out to be murder by snake. The case tests Raja's intuitive powers and Vinny's computer wizardry as they hunt for her killer.

The natural dangers they face are only exceeded by the greedy men who are determined to stop them. Murder is never simple. With the help of a reluctant police inspector battling his own paranoid demons, a cocky outback guide and several indigenous aborigines, Raja and Vinny uncover brutal crimes and must stop a nefarious plan for genocide. 

Fast-paced fun and a suspenseful twisting plot make Death Down Under an entertaining read you will not want to put down.

What Readers are Saying about Raja Williams Novels

"Interesting characters, super twists and turns, and superb conclusions"

"All of the Raja Williams books have been hard for me to put down."

"I love Raja and Vinny. They are by far my favorite detective duo."

"Each novel in this series is a stand-alone compelling mystery. Riveting page turners."

"Hat's off to Jack Thompson for great thrillers that are good clean fun."

"Raja is on the top of my favorites list. He is a brilliant private investigator with an amazing heart."

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